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Consumer Class Actions For Individuals And Small Businesses In Ohio And Nationwide

Individuals and small businesses are often powerless against large companies and governments. In other cases, the individual or small business just doesn’t have the time to hold the large corporation accountable. All too often these large companies take advantage of this discrepancy, putting profit and bureaucracy over human values (and the law). Class actions level the playing field by bringing individuals and small businesses together. By using the power of collective action consumer protection class actions can achieve just compensation and spur positive change.

False or misleading advertising, phony disclosures, undisclosed fees, unconscionable pricing, and charging for services never provided are some of the many unfair and deceptive practices used to cheat consumers and small businesses.

Supporting Consumers And Small Businesses In A Full Range Of Cases

Wolterman Law Office has led investigations for consumer protection class action lawsuits related to the failure of banks to release individual and small-business mortgages, insurance companies unlawfully charging premiums and fees, insurance companies failing to timely pay claims and death benefits, and publicly traded real estate companies charging unlawful fees to small-business tenants.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to consumers and representatives of small businesses about the unfair and deceptive practices of corporations. We advise consumers and businesses whether and how to pursue legal action to obtain just compensation and halt deceptive practices. Wolterman Law Office‘s combination of legal acumen, courage, creativity and pragmatism help us protect our clients’ interests and win complex consumer protection lawsuits against corporations that have defrauded consumers.

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