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When An Accident Results In A Brain Injury

Getting fair compensation after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can seem like an uphill battle for several reasons:

  • Many brain injuries are closed-head injuries with little or no outward disfigurement (after healing of the initial blow) apparent to juries or claims adjusters.
  • Insurance companies often try to push back on claims and lawsuits over brain injuries, saying that patients’ ongoing issues are likely psychological.
  • Symptoms of a brain injury, such as difficulty concentrating, may mimic other maladies, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression. These disorders may also affect the sufferer as a direct result of the underlying injury to the brain. Biases and the challenge involved in getting an accurate diagnosis can get in the way of a case for compensation.
  • In severe cases, someone with a serious brain injury may be in a coma and require expensive long-term care.

True recovery after a head injury may take months or years. Meanwhile, you may find it difficult or impossible to go back to work. It may be difficult to participate in family and community life as you once did. Even ordinary chores around the house can take on added layers of challenge. As you wonder if you will ever improve and how you will cope with your losses, learn about your right to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit, if a negligent party was responsible or if an insurer is making it difficult for you to get relief.

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The sooner you get our lawyers on your side, the more options there will be for us to help you. We will fight to secure access to the medical care you need from the start, as well as long-term therapy, lost wage replacement and more.

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