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Whether it’s an issue with your insurer, a partner, a supplier, a customer, a competitor, a former employee, and even the IRS, business disputes can distract from your performance, your operations and your bottom line. It’s critical to solve legal disputes as soon as possible – and to engage experienced business litigation attorneys whose objectives align with yours. The traditional hourly billing system can reward law firms more for time spent than results achieved; cases lost slowly result in higher attorney’s fees than cases won quickly.

Business owners don’t need the additional stress of excessive and unpredictable legal bills when pursuing a fair resolution or financial recovery. Furthermore, facing commercial litigation against well-funded insurance companies and larger adversaries  can be a significant enough risk to dissuade a smaller business from pursuing litigation they could win on the merits.

Our Law Firm Levels the Playing Field in Commercial Litigation with Contingency Fee Arrangements

Unlike corporate law firms which bill for work on an hourly fee basis, Wolterman Law seeks to offer a pure contingency fee arrangement or mixed contingency fee/reduced hourly arrangement in every case. What this means for you: Our interests are aligned. Our success depends on your success. This alignment of interests empowers our clients to take on larger insurers, vendors, suppliers or customers, without worrying about hourly billing.

The combination of our financial, business and tax backgrounds, our extensive litigation experience, and our firm model that does not live or die on hourly billing, uniquely positions us to deliver results for our business clients without risk of loss. We have represented clients ranging from individuals to mid-market businesses, often against the largest corporations in the world. Since the firm’s inception in 2011, we have recovered tens of millions for clients through our contingency fee litigation model, including for businesses.

We offer practical, effective advocacy in seven primary areas of business litigation:

  • Antitrust Litigation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Interference
  • Fraud & Misrepresentation
  • Licensing, Copyright & Trademark Infringement
  • Executive Departures
  • Cybersecurity Litigation

Prevent Or Prevail: Manage Business Contingency Litigation Challenges Constructively

Not all cases can be structured on a contingency basis. In those cases, litigation is still a stressful event in the life of your business and can have long-lasting effects on your business’ well-being and bottom line.

The attorneys and staff at Wolterman Law Office understand this reality of litigation. That is why our attorneys also pride themselves on providing their business clients with exceptional, cost-effective hourly representation that maximizes the chance of success while limiting client costs.

Industries Served

Our litigation practice reaches businesses of all sizes and in many fields, including the following:

  • Automotive manufacturers, repairers and other related businesses
  • Energy development, extraction and vending businesses
  • Financial institutions and insurance companies
  • Health care and education organizations
  • Manufacturing and construction businesses
  • Real estate and agribusiness entities
  • Retail, restaurant and hospitality organizations
  • Technology and telecommunications entities
  • Transportation and logistics operations

You may be the plaintiff or defendant in a damage claim or lawsuit. From either angle, we will work hard to preserve your business entity’s strengths and resources.

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We stand ready to help companies affected by the economic crisis of coronavirus.

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