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Our Results/Case Studies in Business Contingency Fee Lawsuits

Recovered $6.5M for a Small IT Solutions Company

Our client spun-off from an international, publicly traded consulting and systems integration company to form their own business. After that spin-off, the international company sold assets to another entity enabling unfair competition against our client. Unfortunately for our client, the transaction documents from the spin-off offered no protection. The international company adversary was represented by one of the largest law firms in the world. Our client retained Matthew Metzger to litigate the matter. Drawing on common law theories of good faith and fair dealing and statutory trade secret law we recovered $6,500,000 for our client and stopped the damaging competition.

Matthew Metzger recovered $1,026,831.08 for a Probate Estate

We were hired to contest the probate administration of The Estate of Robert Rapson, a complex estate in Clermont County, Ohio. The original law firm administering the probate estate believed it had minimal assets.  The probate court appointed Matthew Metzger to replace the original law firm and to represent the estate fiduciary. Through extensive motion practice, several hearings, hard work, and investigation, including multiple interviews with the deceased’s extended family and contacts in Florida, we discovered an estate claim against the deceased father’s trust for failure to distribute stock held by the trust. The claim dated back many years. We pursued litigation in Florida and ultimately recovered $1,026,831.08 from the father’s trust for its failure to distribute assets belonging to the estate and for waste of the trust’s assets. 

The Probate Court judge appointed a “Special Master Commissioner,” who acted as a surrogate judge due to the complexity of the case. That Commissioner had this to say about Metzger’s work: “If anyone ever doubts the value of a lawyer, they should be informed of what counsel accomplished in this case.”

Recovered a Seven Figure Confidential Amount against a Corporate Trustee

Our client was a beneficiary of a trust. The corporate trustee failed to properly invest over $20 million of trust principal, and instead just left it in a non-interest bearing checking account for an extended period of time. The trust documents did not help our client because they gave the corporate trustee wide discretion to invest trust principal as it saw fit. Drawing on common law breach of fiduciary duty claims, and working with economists and investment advisory experts to establish how the principal should have been invested (and appropriate returns had it been invested properly) we were able to leverage the corporate trustees’ neglect to achieve a seven figure settlement for our client.

Recovered $920,000 in a Minority Shareholder Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claim

Our client owned 49% of a limited liability company. The 51% majority owner had control of the corporation. The majority owner sold the company for less than $200,000, and began offering some of the same services as the company he sold. This was unfair to our client, so they retained us. We were able to show the sale was below market value and not at arm’s length. Working with business valuation experts we were also able to establish a fair value of the business in perpetuity, had it not been sold. The majority owner and his new company paid our client $920,000 in a settlement. After that , we helped our client create a successful new business with the settlement proceeds.

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