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Shareholders, LLC owners, and partners who own a minority of a business, or who lack legal control of the business, are often wrongfully neglected. The majority or controlling owners may impede the minority owners from receiving financial returns, like distributions or dividends. Or upon a sale of a business, the majority owners may not properly value the minority shares. In other situations, the majority owners may shut out the minority from corporate opportunities. 

Minority owners can bring a lawsuit and seek damages for this type of oppressive conduct. This option is available even when the operating agreement, shareholder agreement, or other operative document doesn’t provide protections to the minority owner. 

We can help you recover your losses from minority owner oppression, unfair compensation, embezzlement, and mismanagement. You don’t have to pay large corporate firm hourly rates, with incentives to just run the clock rather than achieve results. Our contingency fee business model aligns our incentives, and success, with yours.

With any partnership dispute it is important to provide us with copies of any operating agreements, shareholder agreements, other contracts and other documents that may assist you in your case. We look forward to hearing from you to review your case.

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