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Wolterman Metzger has represented individuals and small businesses in a variety of actions recovering in excess of $20 million for our clients in just a handful of years. In addition to the millions of dollars in personal injury actions such as automobile accidents and products liability, we pride ourselves on taking unique lawsuits other attorneys turn down. These cases are an example of that.

Recovered $6.5M for a Small IT Solutions Company

Our client spun-off from an internaional, publicly traded consulting and systems integration company to form their own business. After that spin-off, the international company sold assets to another entity enabling unfair competition against our client. Unfortunately for our client, the transaction documents from the spin-off offered no protection. The client retained Matthew Metzger and Steve Wolterman to litigate the matter. Drawing on common law theories of good faith and fair dealing and statutory trade secret law we recovered $6,500,000 for our client and stopped the damaging competition.

Matthew Metzger Recovered $500,000 Against a Large Landscaping and Construction Company

Our client was a school bus driver who slipped and fell on ice in a parking lot owned by Evans Landscaping, suffering a mild traumatic brain injury involving vertigo. Several attorneys refused to take her case because “snow and ice” cases are difficult to win in Ohio. Despite the normal neurological imaging, we were able to convey the vestibular damage making a return to work as a bus driver unlikely. After defeating the Defendants’ summary judgment motion on liability and briefing dozens of motions, including several motions in limine to exclude evidence, we resolved the case for $500,000 just 10 days before trial. The case settled the day after Matthew Metzger’s deposition of the brain injury expert hired by the defendants.

Matthew Metzger Recovered $675,000 Against an Electric Company in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Our middle-aged client suffered cervical and lumbar disc herniations in a motor vehicle accident caused by an employee of an Electric Company, leading to a fusion surgery. Our client had prior complaints of back pain, so causation was heavily disputed. Our client owned a small financial advisory business. Pouring through his financial records, we were able to show significant lost profit due to loss in new business trailing commissions, despite our client returning to work after his injuries and despite his tax returns showing little loss. The case resolved for $675,000 after several depositions. The client had left his previous attorneys to hire Wolterman Law. This case is an example of how our financial acumen can bring value to clients even in personal injury cases.

Matthew Metzger Recovered $240,000 Against a Marina in Kentucky after our Client Suffered a Fractured Ankle

The accident occurred when our client jumped onto an inflatable device owned and promoted by the Marina. He suffered a broken ankle requiring internal fixation surgery. Liability was heavily disputed. After six depositions the case resolved in mediation for $240,000.

Recovered $310,000 from a Major Bank for a Safe Deposit Box Loss

Our client placed jewelry passed down from generation to generation in a safe deposit box at a large national bank. The bank lost the items when the branch closed. Through prelitigation discovery we found the bank wrongfully sold the jewelry for less than $3000 and escheated the proceeds to the state. These family heirlooms, now lost forever, carried significant sentimental value but little economic value. By aggressively negotiating with the bank and stressing the severity of their wrongful acts, we were able to recover $310,000 for our client. This recovery was over 100 times the value of the jewelry, despite law in Ohio limiting punitive damages to three times economic value, and despite Ohio disallowing recovery for sentimental value of personal property.

Matthew Metzger Recovered $100,000 in a Policy Limits Settlement for a Fractured Arm

Our elderly client suffered a compound fracture to her arm in a motor vehicle accident. After a policy limit demand, we quickly recovered the insurance policy limits of $100,000 without litigation and negotiated a significant reduction to our client’s subrogation lien. This is an example of how quick resolution is sometimes in the best interest of the client.

Recovered a Confidential Amount for a Small Business Client in an Insurance Coverage Dispute

The defendant insurance company declined coverage under our client’s information technology professional liability insurance policy. Matthew Metzger and Steve Wolterman fought the insurance company by drawing on common law insurance policy interpretation law, alleging bad faith by the insurance company for its denial of coverage. After litigation, the insurance coverage dispute went to mediation and ultimately resulted in a settlement agreement where the insurance company provided coverage to our client for a confidential amount.