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Insurance Coverage Disputes on a Contingency Basis

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Insurance Coverage Disputes on a Contingency Basis

We represent policyholders only—we never represent insurance companies—in insurance coverage disputes. We represent individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, and mid-market businesses, in insurance coverage disputes involving directors’ and officers’ liability, professional liability, employment practice liability, business interruption losses, intellectual property claims, and property losses.

Because in insurance coverage disputes a policyholder has often sustained damages necessitating insurance coverage, only to be denied, those policyholders may already be experiencing liquidity or cash flow constraints. Expensive hourly legal fees can leave businesses/policyholders with a difficult choice: either ignore the dispute and self-fund the costs that often should be covered by insurance or litigate the dispute to force the insurer to cover the loss but pay expensive hourly fees, sometimes over many years.

We handle certain insurance coverage disputes on a contingency fee basis, eliminating this problem and aligning our interests with our clients. Our success depends on our client’s success. This alignment of interests empowers policyholders to take on large, well-funded insurers without worrying about hourly billing.

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