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Class Action Vs. The Huntington National Bank

Wolterman Law Office filed an Ohio class action lawsuit against The Huntington National Bank for failing to timely file mortgage satisfactions in violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 5301.36. Filed on behalf of James T. Hoffman as plaintiff, the class action complaint alleges that Huntington failed to file a mortgage satisfaction within 90 days after the mortgage was satisfied, either by pay-off, refinance or sale. The plaintiff filed the complaint on behalf of himself and all other Ohio mortgagors for whom Huntington failed to timely file mortgage satisfactions. Under Ohio law, the failure of a lender to file the mortgage release within 90 days of the mortgage being satisfied results in statutory damages to the borrower ranging from $250 to $5000.

If you recently satisfied the mortgage on your property either through a refinance, sale or pay-off of the mortgage and you believe your mortgage was not released within 90 days, please contact Matthew Metzger or Steve Wolterman of Wolterman Law Office at 513-488-1135.

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