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Class Action Vs. The Cincinnati Insurance Company

Wolterman Law Office filed a lawsuit on May 1, 2020, against The Cincinnati Insurance Company for their refusal to pay claims for businesses that have been forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Filed on behalf of iconic restaurant Primavista as plaintiff, the class action complaint alleges that thousands of businesses have been wrongfully denied coverage by their insurance company for losses related to the coronavirus pandemic. Primavista’s owners Joan and Frank Lenkerd filed the complaint after they, like many other businesses, were forced to shut down completely in mid-March after Governor Mike DeWine ordered business closures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.Please view a copy of the complaint here.

If your business interruption claim has been denied, if you have been issued a reservation of rights letter, or if your insurer is delaying acceptance or investigation of your business interruption claim, we can help. We are accepting these cases on a contingency basis. You can reach us by calling 513-488-1135 or submitting this form.

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