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  • A slip-and-fall event can cause serious, lasting harm

    slip fall harm

    Falling can cause many reactions in a person and those surrounding the individual. In a minor incident, a person may fall and immediately get back up, feeling embarrassed as those around laugh. Unfortunately, incidents do occur in which a slip-and-fall event can have serious injuries, and the victim cannot immediately get up. In such cases, the […]

  • Estate planning mistakes could cost you time and money

    estate planning mistakes

    Planning for the future can be a complex process involving legal and financial decisions that will affect you and your loved ones long-term. It can be daunting to consider what you may want to happen after you pass away or in the event you are unable to speak for yourself due to incapacitation. Creating an […]

  • Don’t overlook these details when estate planning

    estate planning details

    Ohio residents who have an estate plan may believe that they are set in their end-of-life wishes. However, there are often situations that arise after a plan has been created, and sometimes, individuals may not plan as thoroughly as they had thought. Often, it pays to remember the finer details when estate planning.  Unfortunately, there are […]