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Don’t overlook these details when estate planning

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Ohio residents who have an estate plan may believe that they are set in their end-of-life wishes. However, there are often situations that arise after a plan has been created, and sometimes, individuals may not plan as thoroughly as they had thought. Often, it pays to remember the finer details when estate planning. 

Unfortunately, there are many aspects of a person’s life that could be overlooked or deemed unimportant when creating this type of plan. This can lead to family members feeling uncertain about how to handle a particular scenario, or it could even result in important accounts be out of their reach due to a lack of password or other vital information. As a result, thinking about overlooked details may have a major impact. 

Some specifics that some parties may not have considered during their initial planning include the following: 

  • Social media account information and digital assets 
  • Funeral arrangement wishes, which should be included in a separate document for the executor to access before probate 
  • Care plan for any pets, which may include creating a trust with funds specifically for pet care 
  • Inventory of assets and locations of important documents so loved ones can easily find them 

It is also wise to review a plan every few years to ensure that one has not simply changed one’s mind about certain aspects. Estate planning is an ongoing journey, and though it may seem unnecessary sometimes, being as detailed as possible is often helpful to surviving loved ones and those who may need to make decisions on behalf of someone else. If Ohio residents have questions about creating a thorough estate plan, it may be worthwhile to discuss those questions with experienced legal professionals.