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What Can I Expect at My Free Consultation With a Car Accident Lawyer?

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If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed about what to do next, particularly if the expenses associated with the accident are starting to accumulate. By meeting with an experienced car accident lawyer, you can put your mind at ease and come up with a game plan for what to do next.

During your initial free consultation, your car accident lawyer will review your case and recommend the best legal course of action. There are steps you can take to prepare for your initial consultation and questions you should ask that will help you choose the lawyer that is the best fit for you.

While you have not officially established an attorney-client relationship at your initial meeting, the lawyer that you are meeting with should listen to your account of the accident and provide you with the following important information:

  • Whether or not you have a valid claim. After discussing the details of the accident with you, the car accident lawyer should be able to determine whether you have a valid claim. It is important that you explain what happened in detail, including the events leading up to the accident, how you were injured, the severity of your injuries, as well as any other details that may help your case.
  • Whether you need a car accident lawyer. The lawyer will also be able to determine whether it is in your best interest to hire an attorney, as opposed to resolving the case on your own. This will be based on the potential damages you may be entitled to and the financial cost of hiring a lawyer.
  • How a car accident lawyer can help you. During the consultation, the lawyer will either discuss how they will handle your case or whether you should consult with another attorney who can address your specific needs.
  • What their legal services will cost. If you are interested in hiring a lawyer after the initial free consultation, they should discuss the fees that they charge, including their overall cost as well as payment arrangements that you may be able to set up.

What Should I Bring to the Initial Consultation?

Your lawyer will review all of the available evidence to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the best way to proceed. The following are examples of documents that you should bring to an initial consultation, if possible:

  • Medical records: This should include all medical records associated with your injury, including medical bills, discharge instructions, prescription medications, and other treatment you have received for your injuries.
  • Police report: If you can obtain a copy of the police report, this may include valuable information about who caused the accident.
  • Proof of lost wages: If your injuries prevented you from being able to work for a period of time, a car accident lawyer can determine the lost wages you may be eligible to receive.
  • Contact information of witnesses: If there were witnesses who saw the accident happen, get their contact information and bring this to the initial consultation.
  • Copy of your insurance policy: Provide the lawyer with a copy of your policy, as well as any communication with an insurance company.

What Questions Should I Ask a Lawyer at the Initial Consultation?

When you schedule an initial consultation, it is important to keep in mind that this is an opportunity for you to determine whether the lawyer you are meeting with is a good fit. While the lawyer is also going to decide whether to take you case based on the information you provide, you can ask the following questions to decide whether you think the lawyer you are meeting with is right for you:

  • How long have you been representing car accident victims?
  • Have you worked on cases like mine, and what was the outcome?
  • Will you be personally handling my case?
  • Will I be able to reach you directly with any questions or concerns I have while my case is being handled?
  • How often have you taken a case to trial, and what is your success rate?
  • What damages am I likely to receive?
  • Can I reach a successful claims outcome if I was partly to blame for the accident?
  • How long do you think it will take to settle my case?
  • How involved will I need to be in the process?

Is There a Deadline for Filing a Car Accident Claim?

If you intend to file a personal injury claim after being injured in a car accident, it is important that you are aware of the statute of limitations for filing a claim in Ohio. A car accident lawyer will likely discuss this information during the initial consultation, but you must file a claim within two years of the date of the accident.

If you file a claim after the deadline has expired, your claim will likely be denied, and you will be unable to recover any damages. A lawyer will explain what to expect from the claims process and ensure that you file the claim within the required period of time.

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