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Probate can seem like a full-time job for executors


The loss of a loved one is never an easy experience to go through. Even if individuals believe that they have had time to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the person’s passing, the event can often hit harder than many Ohio residents anticipate. Even the aftermath of the loss can be difficult as surviving family work to close the estate through probate.

It is no secret that probating an estate takes a lot of time and effort. The person appointed as the executor of the estate will handle the majority of the duties, and at times, it may feel like a full-time job. Hopefully, the person who has taken on this role knew about the appointment ahead of time. Still, it can be a lot to take in, and even agreeing ahead of time does not necessarily mean that a person knows what to expect during the process.

Some important tasks that executors will need to complete during this time include:

  • Inventorying estate assets
  • Filing the will with the court to open the estate for probate
  • Obtaining values of estate assets
  • Paying final bills and expenses relating to the estate
  • Filing and paying the decedent’s final taxes
  • Distributing the assets to the appropriate heirs and beneficiaries
  • Closing the estate

Though these steps may seem straightforward, complications can arise at any time during the probate process. Heirs or beneficiaries may disagree over asset distribution, or the executor could face delays and unexpected roadblocks for other reasons. As a result, it is often wise to have professional legal help when closing an Ohio estate to ensure that knowledgeable assistance is available when needed.