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  • Where should probate proceedings be opened?


    Being in charge of settling someone’s final personal matters is a considerable responsibility. It is certainly not something that should be taken lightly because, depending on the nature of the estate, probate can be a long and complex process. In fact, if a person held property in Ohio and other locations, such as different counties […]

  • How do executors open the probate process?

    executors probate process

    When someone is the executor of an Ohio estate, the individual has a duty to close all remaining matters associated with that estate. Before any steps can be taken toward doing that, however, he or she must first open the probate process with the court. This step is necessary to ensure that the executor has the legal authority to handle the affairs of the […]

  • Selling property during probate is time-consuming

    selling property

    Acting as the executor of an Ohio estate puts a lot of pressure on a person. Even if he or she willingly accepted the role and knew what it would entail, the probate process itself can still take much time and effort to complete. If the executor needs to sell remaining assets during the process, it can be […]

  • Probate can seem like a full-time job for executors


    The loss of a loved one is never an easy experience to go through. Even if individuals believe that they have had time to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the person’s passing, the event can often hit harder than many Ohio residents anticipate. Even the aftermath of the loss can be difficult as surviving […]