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Trade Secret Litigation

Regardless of what type of company you work for – a small business, a large corporation, or somewhere that doesn’t have a traditional workplace environment – countless employers are in need of ways to protect their commercially valuable information. For many companies, what often happens to be considered their most commercially valuable intellectual property assets also tend to be their trade secrets. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, technology, financial services, manufacturing, or an entirely different industry, it sometimes happens that when employees leave one company, they attempt to hand over these intellectual assets to a competitor. However, properly handling trade secret litigation can help remedy the situation and keep your intellectual property in the right hands.

With numerous years of experience in business litigation, including trade secret litigation, the business law professionals at Wolterman Law Office are proud to be able to serve Greater Cincinnati and southwest Ohio.

As of 2013, 47 states (currently excluding Massachusetts, North Carolina, and New York), the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have all adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA). The UTSA is an act that was put into law specifically to better protect trade secrets by providing legal framework on how to interpret and define them. Under the UTSA, what qualifies as a trade secret is information that is generally not known by outsiders, isn’t necessarily easily ascertainable by others, is the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain secrecy, and can derive value from its secrecy. Under these provisions, trade secrets can be protected for decades upon decades. But when an employee leaves for a known competitor, even with the Uniform Trade Secrets Act in place, trade secrets can be lost within an instant. Because of that, trade secret litigation is called for.

Companies, employers, and even employees can all seek out trade secret litigation when employment contracts and agreements have been signed. Wolterman Law Office was established by attorney Steve Wolterman with the commitment to provide people the highest quality of business legal services, backed by exceptional quality service – and that includes attention to even the most protected intellectual property. Whatever the circumstances surrounding a trade secret litigation may be, our team can help you successfully navigate the course in order to win even the most complex of litigations.

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