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Appellate Practice

Not every instance of litigation goes the way each party was hoping for after the decision has been made in court. While it may seem like a roadblock, there is an option for you when you end up on the losing side of a case. Arguing a case in the court of appeals to correct errors of trial court judges can persuade the appellate court to overturn lower court decisions or the court can expand to change the interpretation of statutory law. However, when heading to the appellate court, a trial lawyer isn’t the type of attorney for the case. An appellate attorney who is well-versed in appellate practice can argue and brief cases in state and federal courts.

As the attorneys at Wolterman Law Office are all well-practiced in numerous areas of business law, appellate practice is no exception. Our team consists of skilled and qualified lawyers who are educated on the appeal process in both state and federal courts. Because we know that the appeal process isn’t everyone’s favorite task, we have standard business hours, but can arrange to meet our clients at different times and locations.

For a more favorable outcome in a case, having it appealed is one of the best chances for that to happen. However, as the principles of appellate courts vary by state and by level, each appeal may have a different review process. And the team of the appellate practice at Wolterman Law Office is familiar with each of these processes, meaning when your particular case is appealed, you won’t have an appellate attorney just going through the mechanics. With the team of our appellate practice on the case, you can rest easy while appealing the lower court’s decision because our lawyers are able to craft and then execute a compelling appeal to overturn the decision that spurred this course of action. However your appeals case plays out, Wolterman Law Office works with you to bring the case to court in a professional, yet personal, and cost-effective manner.

Wolterman Law Office was established with the commitment to provide people the highest quality of business legal services, backed by exceptional quality aid. With our lawyers being proficient in numerous aspects of business law, we know that any litigation or case can be a stressful time in one’s life. Because of this, we ensure that when you require an experienced appellate practice that is able to persuade the court of appeals to decide in your favor, you’ll receive nothing but this pledge with Wolterman Law Office lawyers representing you.

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