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The Dangers of Twin-Trailer Truck Accidents

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Twin or double trailers are two trailers hitched to the same cab. While there are advantages to double trailers, including the ability to transport significantly more cargo at one time, there are also drawbacks to a larger and heavier truck. A regular truck’s massive size and weight can cause extensive property damage and devastating injuries in a severe truck accident. When a twin trailer is involved in a serious truck accident, the resulting injuries and property damage are often catastrophic.

Critics of twin trailers believe that the safety risks outweigh the benefits. Studies by the U.S. Department of Transportation found that trucks with multiple trailers had crash rates that were 11 percent higher than single-trailer trucks, and some truck drivers refer to twin trailers as “widow makers” due to the potential of twin-trailer accidents resulting in tragic fatalities. The following are examples of the safety hazards associated with twin trailers:

  • The larger trailers and heavier loads can cause more road wear and tear, increasing the risk of a severe truck accident caused by poor road conditions.
  • Twin trailers have even larger blind spots than regular commercial trucks.
  • If the truck driver hits the brakes suddenly, it can cause the second trailer to swing outward into oncoming lanes. This is known as a scorpion tail accident, which can be devastating, particularly during heavy traffic on a high-speed interstate highway.

How Can a Truck Accident Involving a Twin Trailer Be Prevented?

Like any truck accident, safety precautions can be taken to prevent or reduce the risk of a serious accident, from ensuring that the truck is maintained correctly to providing the necessary training to all truck drivers. These steps are particularly important when hauling a twin trailer. The following are examples of proactive steps that truck drivers and truck companies should take to prevent a twin-trailer accident:

  • Make sure that the truck and twin trailers are maintained regularly.
    • Check the brake pads and lines.
    • If there are any leaks, ensure they are repaired before returning to the road.
    • Replace any lights that are no longer working.
    • Check all chains, ratchet straps, and winches before and after loading the cargo.
    • Ensure that the tire pressure is adjusted appropriately and that any worn or defective tires are replaced immediately.
  • Ensure that all truck drivers are properly trained. Operating a truck carrying a twin trailer is much different from driving a regular truck. As a result, all truck drivers must receive the necessary training before getting behind the wheel of a twin trailer. This should cover the following:
    • Knowing how to avoid a rollover involves loading the cargo towards the trailer’s center and taking turns slowly enough to prevent the trailer from flipping.
    • Learning how to back up safely while navigating a double trailer
    • Hooking up the twin trailers correctly to prevent the trailer from coming apart and losing thousands of pounds of cargo
    • Driving at a speed that is safe for the road conditions, visibility, and traffic conditions
    • Understanding how to load cargo properly. In twin trailers, cargo should be lowered to the ground and locked into place once loaded.
    • Avoiding skids, which can be extremely dangerous, mainly if the trailer is empty, which can cause a trailer to start spinning out if the wheels lock up. This can cause a devastating jackknife accident.
    • Truck drivers are expected to understand and comply with all state and federal regulations, including hours of service regulations.
    • Large trucks take significantly more time to slow down and come to a complete stop. Twin trailers take even longer, and truck drivers must allow plenty of time to slow down, particularly if they are trying to avoid hitting another vehicle nearby.

What if I am Severely Injured in a Twin-Trailer Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are known for causing massive property damage and severe injuries. When a twin trailer is involved, the resulting injuries can be devastating and even life-threatening. Your top priority should be to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. If you can take pictures of the accident scene, the damage to your vehicle, and your injuries, this will provide valuable evidence if you plan to take legal action against the truck driver. It is also highly recommended that you contact a highly skilled truck accident lawyer who will protect your legal rights.

Our Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyers at Wolterman Law Office Represent Victims of Twin-Trailer Truck Accidents

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