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Older drivers could cause injuries as driving abilities decline

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Though most Ohio residents want their older and elderly loved ones to maintain as much independence as possible, certain concerns can make it necessary to step in. For example, many older people have physical and mental health issues that can make it difficult for them to drive safely. If their loved ones do not take steps to ensure that the person does not become a danger on the roadway, serious car accidents and injuries could occur.

It is not unusual for travelers to find themselves stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle and to easily become frustrated by the impediment to traffic. When they are finally able to pass the vehicle, they may see that it is an elderly person behind the wheel. While driving slowly does not always pose a danger, it could in high-traffic areas or where a minimum speed limit is enforced, such as on interstate highways.

Problems with eyesight, memory issues, joint pain and stiffness, and other ailments that commonly come along with getting older could easily result in a decline in driving abilities. Unfortunately, the following outcomes are also common:

  • Coming close to having accidents on multiple occasions
  • Being involved in multiple accidents, even if they are just minor fender benders
  • Causing damage to their own vehicle by hitting stationary objects, curbs or other structures
  • Suddenly changing lanes or carrying out other unsafe driving maneuvers

Though these issues may not seem major on the surface, it is all too easy for an elderly driver to cause crash that leads to injuries. If Ohio residents do find themselves suffering harm due to the actions of an older driver who likely should not have been on the road, it may be possible to seek compensation for damages depending on the exact circumstances. Filing a personal injury claim may be worth looking into for those facing such a predicament.