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Car accident leaves multiple people injured

car accident injured

No one knows what is happening with a driver in another vehicle. Someone could be impaired due to drugs or alcohol, or a driver could not have gotten enough sleep the night before and is driving while drowsy. Unfortunately, there are too many factors that could be going on with a driver for other travelers to predict when another person may cause a car accident. 

It was recently reported that an accident in Ohio resulted in three people suffering injuries. Authorities suspect that the driver considered at fault may have experienced a medical issue before the collision, but at the time of the report, that detail had yet to be confirmed. That driver was reported as being 70 years old and was driving a car westbound and collided with the rear of a westbound SUV. 

The first vehicle was reportedly speeding as it hit the back of the SUV. Details provided in the report included: 

  • The SUV left the roadway and flipped multiple times after the collision. 
  • The car also left the roadway and struck several trees. 
  • Two individuals in the car were not wearing seatbelts and suffered injuries. 
  • The driver of the SUV suffered injuries. 
  • All parties were transported from the scene to area hospitals. 

The driver of the SUV undoubtedly did not anticipate being involved in a car accident that day. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid a collision, and in this Ohio case, the SUV driver suffered injuries due to circumstances beyond his or her control. However, it may be possible to hold the other driver accountable for the damages resulting from the crash and seek compensation through a personal injury claim if the details of the situation warrant such action.