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5 Times You Should Think About Hiring A Tax Advisor

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Taxes can be extremely complicated for even the most educated person. Not everyone is familiar with the mechanism of taxation and why they are taxed differently for different things. Keeping track of all the different tax rates and utility bills can be an overwhelming task for people working and living a fast lifestyle. Given their hectic schedule, people don’t generally get the time to sort out their taxes, thus being charged heavier penalties later.

Even though hiring tax advisors can be an expensive affair, there are certain people who need help with their taxations more than others and thus should opt for hiring such services if they have a similar situation as the ones below:

1. Higher Earnings

Individuals with annual earnings more than $200,000 are the most likely to be audited by the IRS. There would be several concerns regarding the modes of earning and how you spend it while also questioning past taxation trends.

Since you are probably busy making all that money, you wouldn’t have time to sit and deal with those tax papers. Therefore, it is suggested to dish out some of those dollars and hire a tax consultant to take care of the legal affairs for you.

2. Cross Border Investments

Other potential tax firm clients are people who have invested in stocks or mutual funds of foreign companies. These companies can also be multinationals so an investor would not be aware that these investments are treated as ETFs and are taxed differently than local investments. Having a tax advisor on your back can keep you upfront about this minor confusion.

3. Saving Up For Future

Many parents desire to send their children to college, which can burn quite a big hole in their pockets. So, they mostly save up parts of their income to pay off at least the initial fees. However, most people don’t really know how they can keep their savings tax free and end up paying big penalties. A tax consultant would be able to guide you through the various saving vehicles that are non-taxable.

4. Other Sources of Income

If you own a few properties and have rented out some of them, chances are that they may have deteriorated over time, but you are still being charged the same tax as when you first bought it.

This is because you have not filed for deduction on taxes on account of depreciating assets. A common man wouldn’t think of this minute legality, but a tax manager would be quick to bring it to your notice and help you file for minimized property taxes.

5. Capital Gains

If you are expecting to receive a large sum of money from any previous capital investments that you had made, chances are you will be taxed a high rate on it which will take away a big chunk of this gain. However, a tax agent would help in arranging a long term tax payment scheme where one can pay taxes in smaller amounts over time.