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Woman Riding E-Scooter Sustained Life-Threatening Injuries in Car Accident


On June 5, 2022 in Cincinnati, a woman riding a Lime e-scooter was hit by a car at the intersection of Findlay and Elm streets, according to local police. The rider and scooter were trapped underneath the car, with the rider sustaining life-threatening injuries. The driver remained at the scene.

One witness to the car accident, a former paramedic, attempted to stabilize her spine. A nearby bar provided rags to help stanch the bleeding. The rider of the e-scooter was taken to a local hospital with critical and life-threatening injuries. 

Although e-scooters are not banned, in May the Cincinnati city council requested that the city hold companies accountable for misuse by riders. The city asked city transportation officials to make the streets safer for scooters by working on street upgrades. In late April of 2022, the city council discussed a possible curfew for the scooters, reaching an agreement with Lime scooters to lock the scooters from working after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m. to curb the use of scooters during dark and twilight hours. The city is currently negotiating two operating agreements with Lime Bike and Bird, the two electric scooter companies that operate approximately 400 scooters in Cincinnati.

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