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Snowplow responsible for multiple vehicle accidents in Ohio


The winter months in Ohio typically see a lot of snow and wintry weather. As such, the state has a fleet of snowplows ready to clear the roads. While these vehicles are usually a welcome sight for motorists in The Buckeye State, a recent incident shows how, sometimes, these vehicles can do more harm than good. Reports state a snowplow was responsible for leading to conditions that caused accidents involving around 40 vehicles on the Ohio Turnpike.

What happened?

According to news reports, a snowplow operator was clearing the far-left lane of one side of the turnpike on Sunday, Jan. 23. However, as he did so, he launched a wave of snow and ice over the highway’s center median and into the path of traffic heading in the opposite direction. Apparently, the operator had cleared several miles of the road in this way, effectively blinding many drivers on the other side of the turnpike.

As a result, some 40 vehicles were involved in accidents, and at least 12 people were injured. A commercial truck driver released a dashcam video of the wave of slush covering the road in front of him as well as the aftermath as cars spun out of control, some leaving the roadway entirely. The operator of the snowplow has since been suspended from his position.

Legal recourse for victims

Although the snowplow operator has been placed on administrative leave and tested for drugs and alcohol, those adversely affected by the ordeal still must deal with their injuries and property damage. Those adversely affected may elect to pursue personal injury claims against the snowplow operator as well as against the Ohio Department of Transportation. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney, plaintiffs can gain a better understanding of their rights and options for pursuing compensation and increase their chances of a successful outcome.