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Understanding the implications of a catastrophic injury

catastrophic injury

An accident that results in a serious injury has the potential to affect the victim for the rest of his or her life. The nature of certain types of catastrophic injuries is that it may not be immediately clear how an injury will impact the victim until much later. In some cases, the individual who suffered the injury may experience a decrease in quality of life, and he or she may require long-term physical support.

In general, injuries that qualify as catastrophic are those that cause serious damage leading to functional disability, cognitive problems, disfigurement and other problems. Those who suffered this type of damage may require long-term care, rehabilitation, hospitalization, in-home care and more. Car accidents, falls and other traumatic events are often the cause of catastrophic injuries.

Common types of catastrophic injuries

Serious injuries will affect each individual victim in different and unique ways. While each person will experience these injuries differently, the most common catastrophic injuries may cause the following:

  • Burn injuries — These injuries can lead to infections, lingering pain and mobility problems, and they could require skin grafts and extensive plastic surgeries.
  • Spinal cord injuries — These types of injuries can lead to limited mobility, such as the loss of the ability to move arms and legs.
  • Amputations — The loss of a limb could lead to serious infections, loss of mobility and a reduction in one’s quality of life.
  • Organ damage — Internal damage can lead to problems with various functions of the body and may require extensive medical treatment.
  • Brain injuries — These injuries may lead to memory loss, loss of certain functions, reduction of cognitive abilities and more.

Because of the life-altering nature of these injuries, victims may need extensive medical care. Even with insurance coverage, it can be very expensive to secure what one may need for a reasonable recovery. Some victims will require care and support for the rest of their lives.

Support available to you

If you are the victim of catastrophic injuries or you are caring for a loved one struggling with these injuries after an accident, you are not alone. A personal injury incident, such as a car accident, that results in these types of injuries could be grounds for a civil claim. Through the Ohio civil justice system, it may be possible to secure recompense for your accident-related losses and other non-economic damages.