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Month: November 2021

  • Where should probate proceedings be opened?


    Being in charge of settling someone’s final personal matters is a considerable responsibility. It is certainly not something that should be taken lightly because, depending on the nature of the estate, probate can be a long and complex process. In fact, if a person held property in Ohio and other locations, such as different counties […]

  • Understanding the implications of a catastrophic injury

    catastrophic injury

    An accident that results in a serious injury has the potential to affect the victim for the rest of his or her life. The nature of certain types of catastrophic injuries is that it may not be immediately clear how an injury will impact the victim until much later. In some cases, the individual who […]

  • Thinking about goals is an important estate planning step

    estate planning goals

    Often, people touch the lives of those around them more greatly than they think. In some cases, Ohio residents may want to have a greater impact or continue to influence others even after their passing. Fortunately, estate planning could help meet such a goal, whether it involves close family or others outside such a relationship. […]