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Is a personal injury claim worth pursuing after a crash?

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A car accident can do much more than simply cause an inconvenience in someone’s day. A serious crash could lead to injuries that take weeks or months to recover from or even cause injuries that have permanent effects. When someone else causes such a serious incident, the victim of an Ohio crash may wonder whether filing a personal injury claim for compensation could be right for them. 

There are many instances in which taking legal action against a driver considered at fault for an accident may suit the situation, including if any of the following details are present: 

  • The other driver’s insurance company denies the victim’s claim and refuses to provide any compensation. 
  • The insurance company will not negotiate with the victim to reach a compensation amount that suits the damages of the incident. 
  • The insurance company offers a low payout that will not cover the damages resulting from the accident. 

If any of these situations apply, taking legal action for a larger amount of monetary restitution may be worthwhile. However, the victim will need to provide evidence that additional compensation is needed. Such evidence could come in the form of medical bills and vehicle repair bills, but evidence showing an inability to work due to injuries and the amount of income lost due to time away from work may be useful as well. 

Knowing exactly when to pursue a personal injury claim, how much compensation may be applicable and how to prove a need for restitution is not easy. Fortunately, Ohio accident victims do not have to navigate this process alone. Experienced attorneys may be able to assess the details of a specific incident and help victims understand their legal rights and options for moving forward.