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  • Is a personal injury claim worth pursuing after a crash?

    injury claim

    A car accident can do much more than simply cause an inconvenience in someone’s day. A serious crash could lead to injuries that take weeks or months to recover from or even cause injuries that have permanent effects. When someone else causes such a serious incident, the victim of an Ohio crash may wonder whether filing a personal […]

  • It’s beneficial to consider long-term care planning early

    long term care plan

    Though many Ohio residents rightfully use their estate plans to instruct how their remaining assets should be handled after their passing, it is important to remember that these plans can be used in other useful ways as well. In particular, considering long-term care planning early could be one of the most beneficial uses of estate […]

  • Older drivers could cause injuries as driving abilities decline

    older drivers

    Though most Ohio residents want their older and elderly loved ones to maintain as much independence as possible, certain concerns can make it necessary to step in. For example, many older people have physical and mental health issues that can make it difficult for them to drive safely. If their loved ones do not take […]

  • Restrictive covenants, contracts may protect company interests

    restrictive covenants

    Running a business is a risky endeavor, which is why it is essential for business owners to take precautions to protect their companies. Often, owners will implement contracts and agreements that can reduce the chances of a person associated with the company causing issues that may lead to damages. For example, many Ohio business owners […]

  • Creating an estate plan involves more than concrete situations

    creating an estate plan

    Having questions about estate planning is not unusual. It can be a complex process to complete with many important decisions to make along the way. One of the most common questions Ohio residents and those elsewhere have relates to how they should get started on the process. Fortunately, there are easy ways to get the […]

  • Do you have older parents? It’s time to review their estate plan

    older parents estate plan

    Thinking about the future can be overwhelming, especially if it means considering what life will be like after your parents pass away. Adult children with older parents will find it beneficial to look carefully at their estate planning documents to understand their wishes and reduce the chance for complications in the future. At some point, […]

  • Can businesses head off product liability lawsuits?

    product liability

    In most cases, Ohio businesses can only stay afloat as long as there is satisfaction with and interest in their product or service. In some cases, a particular product or service may no longer be in as high demand, or interest may wane for other reasons. In other instances, a defect or danger with a […]

  • Probate can seem like a full-time job for executors


    The loss of a loved one is never an easy experience to go through. Even if individuals believe that they have had time to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the person’s passing, the event can often hit harder than many Ohio residents anticipate. Even the aftermath of the loss can be difficult as surviving […]

  • Estate planning mistakes could affect you and your loved ones

    estate planning attorney

    If you do not have an estate plan already, it is in your interest to create one as soon as possible. The future is unpredictable, and it is prudent for every Ohio adult to have plans in place that will secure his or her financial interests in case the unexpected happens. In your efforts, however, […]