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Month: May 2021

  • Car accident leaves multiple people injured

    car accident injured

    No one knows what is happening with a driver in another vehicle. Someone could be impaired due to drugs or alcohol, or a driver could not have gotten enough sleep the night before and is driving while drowsy. Unfortunately, there are too many factors that could be going on with a driver for other travelers to predict […]

  • Start estate planning with a few key elements

    estate planning goals

    Many Ohio residents want to create an estate plan, but it is common for them to feel uncertain about where to start. These feelings are understandable as there are many estate planning tools and options to choose from. Fortunately, this type of planning is an active process, which means that individuals will likely want to […]

  • Ohio car accident claims life of 1

    car accident death

    When a family loses a loved one, the following weeks and months can be filled with difficult emotions and questions. For those who lose a family member in a sudden accident, the situation may seem even more devastating because they did not have time to prepare. When a car accident results in a fatality, the […]

  • What qualities should an executor have?

    qualities executor

    Creating an estate plan is a gift that could help a family feel more at ease with closing their loved one’s estate after his or her passing. These plans typically involve appointing someone to handle the probate process. This role is known as the executor, and the person who fills the position will have a […]

  • Wolterman Law Office is a proud sponsor of the Food Truck Rally on May 8

    wolterman law

    Please stop by if you have the time. It’s sure to be a fun and delicious event.